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  • Clothing and other stuff for people who think politics is worth laughing at.  Click here.


  • PurpleOregon is a place where Oregonians can talk politics and policy without being colored by partisan politics.

    PurpleOregon will be steered by three principles:
    1. Ideas and Policy are judged on their own merits, regardless of what political party originated it.
    2. Candidates are judged on their own merits, regardless of what political party they belong to.
    3. The Furthering of a Party for its own sake - and not for the sake of good policy - is not a valid reason to support its actions.

    PurpleOregon is made up of a group of Oregonians who believe the state is ready to focus on constructive solutions instead of destructive partisanship.

    PurpleOregon is made up of  Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.  If you are interested in contributing to PurpleOregon, e-mail John at [email protected]

Anonymity Policy

  • When the national debate raged over whether to ratify the Constitution, the most eloquent writing on the subject came from an anonymous figure named Publius.  Publius was actually Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison.  Their ideas and writing, though anonymous, were no less reasoned and no less poignant than any attributed essays.

    Posting anonymous ideas and opinions is encouraged.  However, anonymous claims should always be backed up with well-sourced information or documents.

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